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Spread the word about 10 Million Patents to help educate and inspire the next generation of inventors and celebrate the history of innovation in America.

"The Real McCoy"

Look closely at the everyday things in your life and you may soon notice patent numbers appearing everywhere! Help 19th century inventor Elijah J. McCoy learn how innovative the world has become by showing him the patent numbers you discover on products, machines, and anything else.

To get started, download and print the image of Elijah J. McCoy. Cut out the figure and take him with you to work, running errands, or on your travels near and far. When you find a patent number, take a photo of Elijah with the innovation and share it on social media using #TheRealMcCoy. Remember to tag @USPTO! We’ll retweet the best shots from across the country and share some of our own. By the way, you can visit  Elijah’s USPTO Kids page for more information and fun.

What patented innovations are hiding in plain sight?